Café Pacay – a Bolivian specialty coffee experience

Our coffee owes its name to the Pacay tree, which is native to Bolivia. This tree is our coffee’s best fellow. The Pacay is a legume, which not only provides shade, helping to reduce temperature and to retain moisture in the ground. It also releases nitrogen into the soil, feeding the coffee plants with this important nutrient. In particular we honor this tree because we support local reforestation, where the Pacay also plays an important role with its nourishing properties.

Our Farm

Our coffee farm is based in beautiful mountain forests near Samaipata in Bolivia on 1.280 to 1.390 m.a.s.l.

The soils of our farmland are of volcanic origin, though the volcanoes of the area have been extinct for thousands of years. Still, this fertile volcanic soil texture provides ideal conditions for growing a unique and highly aromatic gourmet coffee. There is plenty of clean fresh water from several springs and rivers, though artificial irrigation is usually not necessary, as rainfalls are well averaged over the year.

Our varieties

Varieties we cultivate are Caturra, CatxCatuai and Tupi. We are also able to plant other varieties on demand. If you are interested, please contact us!

Besides these cultivated strains, we are lucky to have a wild coffee stem on our land. This unique wild spread of a Typica Criollo, that we called “the Lagunillero” grows uncultivated in the canyons of the area where our farm is located. And only there… >>>read more

Our Impact

Making business in a development country like Bolivia demands a special responsibility, once you realize that improving living conditions in an ecologically sustainable manner is a task that everyone must tackle together, if it is supposed to be successful. >>>read more

Buy our Coffee

We cannot offer coffee at the moment. We expect the next amounts of green coffee ready to be sold in December 2021. For pre-orders please write us.

Due to the high demand for our coffee, we recommend roasting companies to enter into long-term contracts with us, to help you secure the quantities of green coffee you need. In general we have specialized in past prime harvest, which is ideal for espressos. But, above that, it makes sense that you tell us what type of coffee you want to roast, in order to provide you with your ideal green coffee, from planting to harvesting practices to processing. >>>read more

Please note: Up to and including 2022, we can only offer “naturals” and “honeys”, as we do not yet have a coffee washing station.

About us

Café Pacay is a small privately held coffee farm. Our story began in 2014, when we detected wild growing coffee in the canyons of our land. Following the idea to have found good soils and perfect climate, we decided to grow more coffee. We examined our soils and found out that they are extraordinary good to grow Coffea Arabica. In 2016 we started planting our first coffee trees. Since then we invest all our effort to grow the best coffee as possible.

Here you can find pictures of our project