For professional rosters

Our unique offer for professional roasters: We grow on demand, if you like! Just tell us what kind of coffee you want to roast (Espresso, Crema, Filter or Mokkha) and we plant you the perfect variety, while applying optimal harvesting and processing procedures, to help you target maximum points. This way, we can achieve the best possible results of the final product together, in closely coordinated production steps. Interested? Write us

If you’re looking for green coffee on a short notice now, please consider the following information: We sold out at the moment. We expect the next amounts of green coffee ready to be sold in December 2021. For pre-orders please write us.

You are a professional roaster looking for a green coffee sample of our farm? Then we ask you to write us with a reference to your roastery (official website).

Café Pacay is not a green buyer, nor a middlemen sales company. We are coffee farmers really digging the soil ourselves. Our focus lies on growing high-class coffee in a new establishing coffee growing region, while helping to develop the industry here in the very Region of Samaipata, Bolivia. We collaborate with other local coffee farmers and support efforts to organize us growers in a cooperative in the future.

We are looking for professional partner roasters!

We are highly interested to find rosters from across the world, willing to enter in long-term direct trade partnerships with us. This would give you the security to obtain quality coffee for years at stable prices. And our work benefits, as we can calculate with stabile prices on the base of returning customers and secured sales. This makes it easier for us to give our workers the job security they need, and to commit long-term to local social and ecological impact-making.

In general we have specialized in past prime harvest, which is ideal for espressos. But, above that, it makes sense that you tell us what type of coffee you want to roast, in order to provide you with your ideal green coffee, from planting to harvesting practices to processing.

Please note: Up to and including 2022, we can only offer “naturals” and “honeys” as we do not yet have a coffee washing station.