Grades & References

“The beans have a very pronounced sweetness, almost syrupy and a slight hint of forest berries, and the body is medium to full. Low acidity.“

Bernhard Weißhaupt “Roastlov, Austria” (Roaster) on our Caturra natural 2019 (first harvest)

“Green tea and black tea, orange peel, cocoa pod and caramel. A lot of sweetness, medium to little acidity and a lot of body. That’s quite clean and tasty, for the first harvest.”
Matt from “Quijote Kaffee Hamburg” (Roaster) on our Caturra honey 2019 (first harvest)

“The coffee has potential! A very pronounced sweetness, nice aromas of apricot jam, honeydew melon, milk chocolate.”
Steffi from “Quijote Kaffee Hamburg” (Roaster) on our 2017 fully-washed Lagunillero wild coffee (first time ever harvested and cupped)